Hints and Tips For Maintaining Your RV’s Exterior

Whether inside or out, there are many small tips that you can follow which will extend the life of your RV’s exterior, while preventing costly repairs and headaches in the future.

Poor Caulking:

One of the major problems experienced by RV owners with regard to caulking is around the running lights on the top of your RV.  This can, and usually will – given time, allow water to leak through the front and back windows causing mildew build-up and other challenges.  It is first necessary to remove the lens covers as well as the old caulking on your running lights.

Once the running lights and old caulking have been removed, clean the area well and then re-seal the running light unit with a bead of approved RV silicone.  Once complete, simply put the lens cover back on, or use a new one if necessary.

Removing RV Battery For Winter Storage:

If you don’t consider yourself to be mechanical, don’t worry…

Simply place a piece of colored tape to each of the wires and terminals before you disconnect it.  You can use a different colored tape for each combination, and then when it’s time to reinstall, all you have to do is match the colored pieces of tape.

How To Winterize Your Screen Door The Easy Way:

Cut a piece of plexi-glass to cover the screen and then attach brackets allowing for easy removal.  Now you can enjoy the sunny days, without experiencing the cold.

A Word About Automatic Leveling Jacks:

Although automatic leveling jacks certainly add to the convenience of setting up your RV, be sure to purchase only ones that are heavy enough to support your specific unit.  Some RVs come with leveling systems which are sufficient to stabilize, but not lift the unit.

It is always best to place a board or pad between the jacks and the ground, as well as chocking your wheels to avoid rolling off the jacks.  This is especially true if you are parked where mud will be possible, or soft dirt.

Tips For RV Awnings:

While cleaning your awning, apply a coat of soapy solution to the top and bottom of the fabric.  Then, roll up the awning and wait for about 5 minutes, then extend it again and rinse thoroughly with a water hose.  Sometimes it is necessary to repeat.  Be aware that using harsh cleaners can damage the water resistant ability of the fabric.  While there are many solutions available, which are designed to clean awnings, see our recommended awning cleaner here.

And, don’t forget: always roll up your awning if you plan to leave the RV for awhile since winds can come up unexpectedly and destroy your awning!